Dick’s Progress

Awhile back, I wrote that I was going through the rewrite of Holland Bay before making notes and a plan for revision. The initial stages of that has happened, and from now on, Holland Bay becomes what several writers dub “that super-secret project I can’t talk about.” Unfortunately, John Scalzi stole my working title: The Spank Chronicles: Part I, The Spankening. Maybe I’ll make it sound like a sequel: Cujo II: Cujo Vs. Freddie.

In the interim, I outlined the science fiction project. I can talk about that one. Somewhat. Why?

As I said a few months back, this will be written by my Richard Bachmann as opposed to my Stephen King, whom you know as Jim Winter. In other words, my Dick will be writing a novel after all. This will be an interesting experiment. In some ways, it will be easier for me to write under that name. But questions remain. Do I get an agent? Do I self-publish? And how do I market it?

It’s been suggested that I write as I’ve always written, since I’ve spent a decade building up my brand. To that, I have to ask how many of you out there have actually paid for something of mine?

Yeah. That’s a crime fiction conundrum that’s tough to crack. So my Dick will write this project. Jim will write Holland Bay, aka The Super-Secret Project I Can’t Talk About.