Mobile Again!

A couple of months back, I blogged about losing the laptop. My uncle, who does computer repair in his medically enforced retirement, swapped out the motherboard for me after determining there was drink damage to the graphics processor (I can think of about six or seven ways this might have happened with no one thinking that much damage occurred) and a shorted-out display panel. Since the original board crashed, I’ve been exiled to my office in the basement.

I do get more work done down there, but by the time I’m done for the night, Nita has gone to bed, and it’s almost time for me to go. Prior to last week’s heat wave, I really wanted to take the laptop out on the patio and write from there. I missed sitting in the living room with Nita while having my laptop with me. More importantly, I missed being able to pull up Google or Wikipedia at any moment and just pull useless information out of the sky all while watching Anthony Bourdain and Chopped.

No more. After a lengthy visit with my uncle, one of those relatives whom, lately, I only see when another relative dies, I booted the machine up and let Windows 7 run all its updates in all their updatey goodness. (Uncle Tim thoughtfully downloaded them before I showed up.) Ah!

I am writing this on Saturday from my cousin Lori’s living room. I’ve surfed Facebook. I jumped on Hootsuite, where my login information was cached, and pumped some life into my mostly dormant Twitter and public Facebook accounts. I checked email. I looked up random stuff on Wikipedia! Oh, I could do that in my office. But I’d have to go downstairs and boot my computer to do that. Now!

I am a true American again. I can indulge instant gratification from my couch while watching man stuff on Spike.