Social Media Overload

My Facebook and Twitter have been quiet lately. Google+ has always been quiet. I deleted MySpace years ago. I don’t have FourSquare, SecondLife, or whatever the hell else is out there. I have a private Facebook page that you will likely never see. That one gets some traffic coming and going. Why? It’s how I communicate with my brother, old friends from high school, and ex-coworkers from BigHugeCo. But that’s it.

Frankly, it just seems like a chore anymore to keep all that up. I haven’t even logged into Crimespace in months. In this modern era of self-publishing and traditionally published writers self-marketing, I know we’re supposed to keep up on all the social media platforms and make sure we’re updated and actively talking to our readers.

Here’s the problem. Even if I were a Laura Lippman or a Robert Crais, I would still not have enough time to sit in my office and do it all. If anything, it’s gotten to be so much noise I can do without. Does anyone really care if I send out my 100th tweet telling you Road Rules is only 99 cents?

I remember the good ol’ days when it was all email and mailing lists. I interacted with a lot of people back then. The only real extra work you had to do was stay active in some of the forums and do a blog. I don’t mind blogging. It’s like writing a newspaper column. I do remember way back when another writer (a show runner no less) who constantly bemoaned blogging and how it just sucked the soul out of him but he kept wanting to do it because all the cool kids did it.

His antiblogging rants appeared on his blog. I dropped in on his web site a few months ago. He bragged about not having a Facebook account because he has a life. But he has Twitter. I’m sure he tweets about how much he hates twitter.

I’ve pretty much given up on social media. I’m sure it works, but I don’t have the time or the motivation to put the effort into it. It’s an energy drain I can’t deal with anymore.

“So, Jim, how do you expect to sell anything without it?”

I am beyond caring about that. If you’re writing for recognition, may I humbly suggest shoving needles into your eyes instead? The pain and damage comes instantly, and you’ll have something interesting to write about.