Change Of Plans

Continuing with the topic of my basement exile, because you know it’s all about me, I decided the weekend’s massive writing spasm calls for a change in routine.

Earlier in the year, I opted to work on weeknights on short stories and save the weekends for novels. It sort of worked. I have two out in circulation, but it’s been a struggle to bring new short stories to where they can be submitted. On the other hand, if I work on long work on weekends, I’ll build up a nice head of steam going into Sunday night, then have to quit. Not good.

When I dumped out what would be a good chunk of a novel over this past weekend, I realized that could have been two or three short stories. It also could have been a sizable portion of Holland Bay.

So now I’m going to work on Holland Bay and other long work during the week, and short fiction on the weekends. How will it work?

We’ll see.