You Wrote What?

During the beginning of the basement exile, I started in again on Holland Bay, knocking out two chapters in the new draft. Only two scenes were from the original, and they required substantial editing to make them fit into the new version – moving some characters around and renaming one or two. Then I decided to move all my cyberstuff over to the big Dell I bought last year as a server for a school project. While the new one imaged, I rocked out to the Stones, to T. Rex, and a couple of really loud Power Stations tunes I downloaded over the weekend. The only thing is it takes all day to build a computer from scratch. (Shut up, Mac heads.) While I waited and had the old computer up and running, I thought I’d indulge in a little fun. I let Himself, one of the rocker characters Li’l Sis and I used to kick around but could never find anything to do with, work on his bio.

I won’t say how much I wrote, mainly because no one will ever read this (Well, maybe one or two people.), but the last time I wrote this much in a short amount of time was when I worked on Road Rules. Damn.

Waste of time? Probably. But then again, I’ve been having production issues for some time now, and this really opened up the floodgates. I also got to know this character and his supporting cast a little better. He’s kind of a douche, though he means well. His wife was a bit slutty early in their marriage, but it was the sixties in all its free love goodness. When he was conceived of in the early eighties, I saw him as this guy who managed to stay drug free in a drug-dominated business because, at the time, Nancy was telling us all to say no. Now? Oh, my friends, you don’t do nine months in Vietnam without learning to enjoy the stress-relieving effects of cannabis americanus. I also learned he handled his acid better than Syd Barrett did. Actually, those couple of scenes were a challenge as I’ve never been on acid, am not interested in first hand research, and have only a handful of movies from the sixties to use for reference. So, yeah, my character has a more lax attitude towards drugs and monogamy than I do. But we like the same beer.

That said, I learned something else more important. If I don’t think about writing, I can get quite a lot of it done. What’s that mean for Holland Bay? It means that monster will get rewritten in a shorter amount of time. It means I can immerse myself into this story and get it done finally, and get it into shape for publication.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to cut this post short and get back to work on Holland Bay.


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  1. Comparing the day’s work to ROAD RULES has my interest piqued. ROAD RULES was a hell of a good read. Keep us posted.

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