You Need More Pulp In Your Diet

Pulp Metal Magazine, the nasty noir web zine from Jason Michel, is back with its Spring 2012 edition. I bring this up because yours truly has written a tale of two drug lords who discover their supplier is not only bat shit insane, but is giving their federal nemeses a bad hair day. “Joey Tran” tells the tale of why organized crime should avoid taking a play from al Qaeda’s book when they need to solve a problem.

Also, new fiction by Katy O’Dowd, KA Laity, UV Ray, Daniel Mkiwa, Ben Renner, AJ Savage, Craig Wallwork, Melanie Browne, Michael Keenaghan, Colin Graham, Samantha Traina, Rob Bliss, Jaime Grefe, Craig Caudill, Richard Shiers, Dr. Mel Waldman, Stephen Cooper, and CR Fausset.


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