We just had a confusing message from the organizer of our class reunion. It was supposed to be for four classes, since these things get more sparsely attended the further out we get from 1984. Originally, the classes of 1982-1985 would attend. Only ours used to be a three-year high school. We went to junior high. Now some of us send our kids to middle school. But that happened in the 90’s. The classes of 1982 and 1985 were never in high school together. So the organizer canceled and created a new event on Facebook, which really confused one guy who now lives in Australia. It’s a little bit of a stretch to fly across two continents (He lives in Perth, on the far side of Australia) and the Pacific Ocean.

But all is well, and this summer, I get to show off my wife to my classmates, many of whom were convinced I’d be single, living in my mother’s basement, drinking Mountain Dew and watching reruns of Star Trek. (Wrong! I left home over two decades ago and now watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory. Bazinga!) But what’s different between now and then?

1984:  Cell phones were bricks that cost $1000 a month and even most rich people didn’t have one yet.
2012:  I’m waiting for Verizon to ship my new Android.

1984:  I owned a lot of vinyl and a lot of cassettes.
2012:  I have an iPod.

1984:  Queen sang “Radio Ga Ga”
2012:  Lady Gaga

1984:  AT&T is broken up.
2012:  AT&T is no longer broken up

1984:  DOS and Macintosh
2012:  iPad and Android

1984:  Soviet Leader Yuri Andropov dies and is replaced by another ancient Bolshevik on life support
2012:  The outgoing president of Russia is younger than me.

1984:  Walter Mondale tries to elect the first woman vice president.
2012:  We have a black president

1984:  Two Stooges (Joe Besser, “Curly Joe” DeRita) are still alive.
2012:  Three new Stooges based on Larry, Curly, and Moe.

1984:  Johnny Carson
2012:  Jon Stewart

1984: Three networks
2012: 1500 channels and pay-per-view

1984:  Space Shuttle Discovery
2012:  Virgin Galactic

1984: Crack
2012: Meth

1984: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
2012:  John Carter

1984:  Real People, That’s Incredible
2012:  Every show on Discovery, The Food Network, The Travel Channel, and  A&E

1984:  What the hell is rap?
2012:  What the hell happened to rap?

1984:  Gas prices are outrageous
2012:  OK, now they’re outrageous

1984:  Record high deficits and government spending
2012:  Um… Yeah. I see a pattern here.

1984:  Van Halen!
2012:  Foo Fighters!