Northcoast Shakedown: The Nick Kepler Chronology

In the run-up to Northcoast Shakedown, I wrote a series of short stories to help me get a handle on Nick’s background. They did not get published in order, and only one, “Flight of the Rat,” has an actual date. (September 11, 2001, and for obvious reasons.) If you look at the short story page, you can see the publication order of the stories. However, if you want to see Nick’s actual chronology, here it is:

Race Card” – January, 1999

A Walk in the Rain” – April, 1999

Valentine’s Day” – February, 2000

Just Like Suicide” – April, 2001

Wring That Neck” – May, 2001

Full Moon Boogie” – July, 2001

Flight of the Rat” – September 11, 2001

Demon’s Eye” – November, 2001

Cold Cocked” – January, 2002

Roofies” – March, 2002

Might Just Take Your Life” – May, 2002

Love Don’t Mean a Thing” – July, 2002

Northcoast Shakedown – August, 2002

Lady Luck” – September, 2002

“Wasted Sunsets” (novella, in progress) – November, 2002

“Gyspy’s Kiss” (in progress) – January, 2003

Second Hand Goods – (coming soon) July, 2003