The February Reading List

So what’s on ye olde TBR stack for February?

I kick off the month with three 87th Precinct novels, Like Love, Ten Plus One, and Ax. Two or three times a year, I read a pair of McBains, but this time, I have a trio in a hardcover released some time in the 1970’s. I follow that up with my first ever LeCarre novel, The Constant Gardener.

Then I have an ebook I’ve been wanting to get to for a long time, Nathan Singer’s In the Light of You. It’s been a while since I read Nathan’s work, so this will be a treat. He’s paired up with Jonathan Lethem’s Fortress of Solitude.

Next month’s Stephen King entry will be Skeleton Crew. This is the collection that gave us “The Mist.” It also has a bizarre – even for King – short called “Survivor Type” where a castaway discovers an unusual food source to keep himself alive. It’s one of the few stories King could not sell after he became successful because… Well… Go look it up.

I plan to round out the month with a biography of the exciting and dynamic President William McKinley. Yeah, I’m still in the Anonymous Dull President phase of American history. At least Teddy Roosevelt is up the following month.

Can’t tell you what I’m listening to on audio because I generally don’t know until a few days before I finish the audiobook I’m listening to at the moment. For instance, I had no clue until I was down to the last disk of a book on Microsoft that I’d be listening to Eric Clapton’s autobiography. Fascinating stuff Eric’s done, but the narrator doesn’t sound like Clapton. He sounds like a BBC announcer. A little jarring to here the life story of a guy from Ripley, England narrated in the RP.