A Quick Word About PIPA/SOPA

It’s simple. The sledgehammer method combating piracy will not work. It stomps all over the First Amendment – and those first ten amendments have been used as toilet paper by the powers that be for a while now – and only serves to fuel the anger of an already righteously indignant citizenry even further.

Congress has, time and again, proven its inability to handle matters of technology. Witness the hearings into Microsoft’s practices in the late 1990’s, wherein Sun’s Scott McNealy told an ignorant subcommittee, “Why does it take thirty-two lines of code in Windows to sign your name?” Given how network authentication is done in most operating systems, including Sun’s, that’s actually pretty lean code. The Senator questioning McNealy did not know that, and even Bill Gates smirked when the Senator didn’t quite realize his leg had been seriously pulled.

Now these geniuses want to regulate the Internet.

No. The only possible outcome of PIPA/SOPA is the muffling of American citizens by corporate interests who will be given far too much power to quash whomever offends them in the name of “copyright infringement.” Copyright infringement is bad; suppression of free speech is treason. Do the math.

Tell your senators and representative to vote no on these ill-thought-out, poorly written bills. If they vote yes, let them know they need to update their resumes. Do not tolerate this attack on our rights.