Caught In My Own Web

Well, I finished the new Don’t go looking for it. I never pointed the domain to it. Why?

Two reasons. One, it looks like crap. Oh, that’s fixable. Since I’m not trained in graphic arts, I would need to put a lot more time into the site’s design. Unfortunately, I was too busy trying to get the backend to work properly.  The second problem is more technical. I wanted to use ASP.Net to run the page. The trouble is running ASP.Net on GoDaddy is slooooow. How slow?

It’s a common complaint that ASP.Net pages with frequent round trips to the database can be slow to render. A robust server able to handle the traffic can prevent this.  However, a simple table or rss feed should not be much of a problem. The database I used was not that big, and the feeds – Twitter and WordPress – are generally rapid loads. But I’m hosting on GoDaddy, and all the hot commercials with Danica Patrick can’t cover up the fact GoDaddy’s performance is somewhat lacking at times, especially with ASP.Net sites.

So I’ve got an ugly site on a slow host. What does one do?

I backed up and looked at my whole web presence. Why redo the site at all? Virtually everything that’s on the web site is on this blog. All the books. All the short stories. Just rewrite the bio, add a contact page, and a new FAQ. Oh, and here’s a hint if you’re going to put a FAQ page: Turn the comments on so visitors can frequently ask questions.

Since we’re trying to play up the brand, I picked a new WordPress theme (and now you know why Edged in Blue is no longer edged in blue) that better plays to Northcoast Shakedown‘s cover. When I go to release Second Hand Goods or The Compleat Winter (which I keep threatening), I’ll change the theme accordingly.

Eventually, I’d like to build my own, even if it’s a WordPress-based site, designing the graphics myself. But rather than waste money on a poorly performing host and devoting more time than I have at present to the graphics, it just makes sense to consolidate everything here. When the time comes, I’ll go host shopping and take a lot more time into doing the graphics.

So welcome to the new  The address will point here by the end of this week. Until then, will continue to point at the venerable old web site.


2 thoughts on “Caught In My Own Web

  1. LOL this is exactly what I would have suggested when you asked for feedback, but I knew you wanted to do something with .NET. If you’re wanting to try for that again later, look at Brinkster for hosting – before we changed to a WordPress site, OVRWA used to have a .Net site on Brinkster, and no problems. If you want to get away from the limitations of, Godaddy’s WordPress hosting is good (or their Linux hosting which is exactly the same).

    This looks nice – good choice.

  2. Yeah, Jen, between the eye-burning design (for which I apologize to you and three others for exposing) and GoDaddy’s lackluster Windows hosting, I decided to punt.

    When I learn to take the training wheels off my graphics efforts (like working for a company whose corporate colors match the canned CSS in Visual Studio. How lucky is that? Just slap a logo on it.), I’ll probably go the WordPress route on GoDaddy.

    If I try Windows again, it’ll be with a different host. I sort of require my host to, yanno, serve up the page in under 3 seconds? That shouldn’t take even that long with a database only slightly larger than the spreadsheet it was based on. Sorry, Danica. Nice ads, thought.

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