The Blog In Review

An annual tradition (which I skipped last year) wherein I recap the first line of the month on the blog.

January – “Yes, a new year has begun.”

February – “Back in November, Nita and I tossed a coin on whether the replace our roof or service the furnace first.”

March – “This year, the Ohio River spilled out of its banks, the result of an unusually snowy winter this year.”

April – “Every year for the past five years, I’ve embarked on a trek to walk or ride the entire Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail.”

May – “I’m typing this just before the President addresses the nation.”

June – “It’s summer (if you go with the hype that summer begins on Memorial Day), and as such, time to think about summer things – like mowing the lawn (a challenge here in water-logged Ohio) and SPF 30.”

July – “Stephen King points to this short novel as one of three novels that define modern horror, the other two being Dracula and Frankenstein.”

August – “Queen City Square is complete.”

September – “Yes, it has returned.”

October – “The Fall Issue of Mysterical-e is now live, including stories by John M. Ford, MG Allen, Anita Page, Sylvia Nash.”

November – “Another in a series of looking West Coast Crime Wave, which features my story “Bad History.” For the next couple of weeks, I will be looking the other stories in this collection from

December – “Google is the unlikeliest 800-pound gorilla in technology.”