My Reading List For 2011

I started late. In January, when I was spending most of my time job hunting and arguing with Job and Family Services for my check, I was both too busy and too apathetic to read. Then, as the promising interviews began coming fast and furious, I began with a troika of three James Bond continuations. This year, I plan to reread the Fleming originals.

Here now – All 91 books I’ve read in 2011:

Colonel Sun                                                                 Kingsley Amis

Devil May Care                                                           Sebastian Faulks

License Renewed                                                         John Gardner

Choke on Your Lies                                                     Anthony Neil Smith

Ender’s Game                                                             Orson Scott Card

Calibre                                                                        Ken Bruen

Zachary Taylor: Our Twelfth President                      Carol Brunelli

Valley of Bones                                                           Michael Gruber

The Grapes of Wrath                                                   John Steinbeck

The Dead Zone                                                           Stephen King

Biography of Millard Fillmore                                    Ivory Chamberlain

The Amateurs                                                              Marcus Sakey

King’s Ransom                                                            Ed McBain

Give the Boys a Great Big Hand                                Ed McBain

The Heckler                                                                 Ed McBain

Truckstop                                                                    JA Konrath

Moby Dick                                                                   Herman Melville

Franklin Pierce                                                           Michael F. Holt

Firestarter                                                                   Stephen King

Another Thing to Fall                                                  Laura Lippman

Officer Down                                                              Theresa Schwegel

A Load of Quertermous                                              Bryon Quertermous

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde            Robert Louis Stevenson

Danse Macabre                                                           Stephen King

101 Things You Didn’t Know About Lincoln              Brian Thornton

James Buchanan                                                         Jean H. Baker

The Glass Key                                                             Dashiel Hammet

The Ass Is a Poor Receptacle for the Head                 Barry Eisler

The Forever War                                                         Joe Haldeman

Sex, Lies, and Half A Million Dollars                         Michael Bracken

A Tale of Two Cities                                                    Charles Dickens

Night Shift                                                                   Stephen King

A. Lincoln                                                                    Ronald C. White, Jr.

In This Rain                                                                 SJ Rozan

Screams & Whispers                                                   Randall Peffer

Dune Messiah                                                             Frank Herbert

Witness to Death                                                         Dave White

Treasure Island                                                           Robert Louis Stevenson

Cujo                                                                            Stephen King

The Avenger Takes His Place                                     Howard Means

No Good Deeds                                                          Laura Lippman

Something Wicked This Way Comes                           Ray Bradbury

Speed Loader                                                              Edited by Sandra Ruttan

The Kite Runner                                                          Khalid Hosseini

Freakonomics                                                             Steven D. Levitt with Stephen J. Dubner

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger                               Stephen King

The World Is Flat                                                        Thomas L. Friedman

Ulysses S. Grant: The Unlikely Hero                          Michael Korda

Drunk on the Moon, Book 1                                        Paul D. Brazill

Fuzzy Nation                                                               John Scalzi

See Them Die                                                              Ed McBain

Lady, Lady, I Did It!                                                   Ed McBain

The Caretaker of Lorne Field                                     Dave Zeltserman

The Physics of the Future                                            Michio Kaku

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea                                   Jules Verne

Different Seasons                                                        Stephen King

Packing for Mars                                                        Mary Roach

How I Sold 1 Million Ebooks in 5 Months                  John Locke

The Path to Self-Publishing Success                           Michael R. Hicks

The Game Changer                                                    AG Lafley & Ram Charan

Rutherford B. Hayes                                                   Hans L. Trefousse

Carte Blanche                                                             Jeffery Deaver

Pistol Poets                                                                 Victor Gischler

Bonk                                                                            Mary Roach

Time’s Enemy                                                             Jennette Marie Powell

Scar Tissue                                                                  Anthony Keidis

Heart of Darkness                                                       Joseph Conrad

Christine                                                                      Stephen King

American Creation                                                      Joseph Ellis

West Coast Crime Wave                                              Edited by Brian Thornton

James A. Garfield                                                       Ira Rutkow

Eddie’s World                                                             Charlie Stella

Saturday’s Child                                                         Ray Banks

Superfreakonomics                                                      Steven D. Levitt with Stephen J. Dubner

The Chaos We Know                                                  Keith Rawson

Last Words                                                                  George Carlin and Tony Hendra

Motherless Brooklyn                                                   Jonathan Lethem

Pet Sematary                                                               Stephen King

The Google Story                                                        David Vise and Mark Malseed

Chester Alan Arthur                                                    Zachary Karabell

The Lake House                                                          James Patterson

Father Joe                                                                   Tony Hendra

Gone, Baby, Gone                                                      Dennis Lehane

Adams Vs. Jefferson                                                    John E. Ferling

Barrone Street                                                             Kent Westmoreland

Cycle of the Werewolf                                                 Stephen King

Grover Cleveland                                                        Henry F. Graff

Steve Jobs                                                                    Walter Isaacson

Suicide Squeeze                                                           Victor Gischler

The Lady in the Lake                                                   Raymond Chandler

All the Young Warriors                                               Anthony Neil Smith