The Year In Jim

2011 was a strange year at Chataeu Nita, though a damn site better than 2010. So what happened in the world of winter?

January – My first experience in years with actual unemployment. After leaving BigHugeCo the previous year, I had a nice big severance check and a willingness to do contract work that kept me funded and employed through the end of the year. Then I had to file for unemployment on Ohio’s antiquated web site. So how did I handle it? I DVR’d a lot of James Bond movies

February – Back to work and with a former manager from BigHugeCo at a small company I’ve since dubbed MediShack. (We do medical billing.) After working for a Fortune 500 company for 11 years, going to a small family-owned company was a breath of fresh air.

March – I finally got to see all those James Bond movies again. Plus Quantum of Solace.

April – I begin my capstone project to complete the degree I should have finished in 1997. Also, “A Walk in the Rain” arrives in online bookstores. And stays there.

May – I turned 45.

June – Yea! I’m halfway there to graduating college!

July – Um… Remember when I said I’d graduate? Yeah… That’s going to have to wait a year.

August –Road Rules debuts as a paid ebook

September – For the first time in three years, I am out of college.

October – AJ completes his final season in marching band. It’s all about college from here out. Why not? Both his parents are in college.

November – Speaking of which, I return to college.

December – Northcoast Shakedown returns as an ebook. I also spend my fourth Christmas with AJ and Nita. Looking forward to many more.

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