What Not To Get Jim

It’s that time of year again, and I know there’s one question on the minds of many of you last minute shoppers:

What to get Jim Winter for Christmas.

I’m easy. But to make things even easier for you, time now for my annual list of What Not To Get Jim.

  1. Swiss Colony or Hickory Farms samplers. My father-in-law gets us on this one every year, so we’re good. Thanks. Now, before I get to number two, I’m going to help myself to some summer sausage and a stick of cheddar.
  2. Billy the Big Mouth Bass: Seriously. Just don’t. ‘Kay?
  3. I do not have Bieber Fever.
  4. Pretty much anything Star Trek. When I was into it, if I wanted it, I already had it. I’m not into it anymore. Thanks, Brannon Braga.
  5. Exercise videos. Yes, I intend to workout more in the new year. The videos will just gather dust, though.
  6. Dane Cook tickets, CD’s, DVD’s. I do not find Dane Cook nearly as funny as I used to, and I never found him as funny as Dane Cook did.
  7. Novelty slippers – My feet have never been that cold.

That’s it. Pretty easy, eh? OK, get shopping. And just leave your finds on my doorstep. I’ll grab it Christmas morning, ‘kay?

What’s that? What did I get you? Please. I was laid off earlier this year. I may be working now, but I’m still paying off last Christmas.