Ebookery: West Coast Crime Wave

Another in a series of looking West Coast Crime Wave, which features my story “Bad History.” For the next couple of weeks, I will be looking the other stories in this collection from bstsllr.com.

“Officer Down” by Simon Wood

A San Francisco cop named Webber is shot in the line of duty. Kevlar saves him from becoming a fatality, but it kills him just the same. The man who shot him wasn’t much of a killer or a thief, just someone lucky enough to get Webber’s gun. The shooting has diminished Webber, so it becomes Webber’s mission to take back what was taken from him.

“The People’s Republic of Everywhere and Everything” by Nick Mamatas

In another Bay Area tale, an underground radical stages a riot to cover the theft of a piece of technology that could wipe out all credit records everywhere. It’s Fight Club for the twenty-first century, only our protag is rationalizing away the noose closing around his neck.

“Jackie Boy” by Sam Roseme

Jackie Giacomo is a San Francisco PI run out of New York by a small time hood when he fails to find his girlfriend. Or rather report her location. Giacomo is hired by a cagey gent to shadow a squeaky clean healthcare technology CEO. Turns out they want to frame Giacomo for the murder, so he runs back to New York, facing the devil he knows instead of the one he just met. Or is he?

“The Ghost Trees” by Thomas Hopp

Seattle forensics specialist Peyton McKean could be considered a modern day Sherlock Holmes, though I could never picture Robert Downey, Jr., playing him. A body is found near the stump of a recently poached tree. The first suspect is a local Indian who has it in for the white pahstuds  who’ve ripped down so many trees in their forest. McKean soon finds himself entangled in a bizarre mix of illegal timber and Native American mysticism.