From The Ground Up

If you really want to change government, it’s not going to happen in the 2012 elections. The winner of the White House, if he’s not already sitting there, is one of those preening posers debating their way across the nation right now, all of them, including the incumbent, political pros. If your Congressman or senator is run out of town, it’ll likely be an old DC pro who replaces them. The trouble is we keep picking from the same pool of candidates over and over again. Hence, you have two major parties that keep doing the same thing over and over again. Unfortunately, it’s too late to clean this slate by 2012.

In a democracy, you need to overthrow from the bottom up. You’re never going to throw out Congress as a whole with the White House along with them. You’d still have 67 senators who could still do a lot of damage before they get run out of town, with the final 33 or 34 probably escaping unscathed.

No, you have to replace the bottom and let them rise up on their own. You have to kick out the ones on city council and in the county commissions or parish councils or what have you before they can play their way up the ladder. And we need to be less tolerant of their playing around. When they waste money or hand over tax breaks to big corporations with no real payoff, they need to lose their jobs. And we need to reward the ones who bring about real change. We need to make the local pols more dependent on doing what they’re told to do than what their campaign managers come up with.

Because real change happens when you start changing the pool of choices. You might even see the end of the two-party system if you do it right.