New Story At Pulp Pusher: “Hazing”

Did you know Tony Black’s Pulp Pusher was back? Well, it is. And Tony’s got a lineup of stories and interviews from the likes of Ray Banks, Ken Bruen, Zoe Sharp, and…

Some jerk named Winter, offering a slice of frat boy noir called “Hazing.”


2 thoughts on “New Story At Pulp Pusher: “Hazing”

  1. Excellent story. What I enjoyed most were the plausibility of the situation and resolution, as well as how you made your fictional city seem real. (Is it based on Cincinnati?)

    The only thing I didn’t like was the same thing I don’t like from all short stories I really like. (Try saying that three times, fast.) It’s too short. If ever a story was a kernel for a novel, this is.

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