Coming 9-1-2011

September 1, 2011.

That which I once called EVIL YET AWESOME will invade your ereader, assault your eyes, and slap your brain around silly.

And it will leave you begging for more.

I speak, of course, of Road Rules, now coming to Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.

What is Road Rules?

Said JD Rhoades, author of the Jack Keller series,

…Every so often, I want to read about bad people doing bad things, and doing so with the kind of dark, twisted humor that shows us, not the banality of evil, but the absurdity of it.

Jim Winter gives us all that, and more, in ROAD RULES.


And that’s exactly what it is. As the city of Cleveland reels from the theft of an important relic for the Catholic Church right out from under the mayor’s nose, a luckless insurance drone and a hapless repo head for Florida, thinking the delivery of a collectible Cadillac Coupe DeVille is the perfect side job to help them bury their problems.  Little do they know who else wants that car – Cinnamon, the truckstop hooker who is more than she appears; Tim Mason, the shift claims manager who engineered the theft of the holy relic; and Julian Franco, a Cuban drug lord from Miami who has a raging coke habit, an insatiable appetite for bimbos, and a faith in the Catholic Church that even the Church finds a bit disturbing. The trip will lead them from Cleveland through the wilds of West Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains, into a Confederate themed BBQ joint in South Carolina, and finally on a wild, climactic chase through sleepy Savannah, Georgia.

Said Gerald So, editor of The Lineup and former fiction editor for The Thrilling Detective Web Site, said

Reading the novel again brings to mind discovering a book I hadn’t heard about by a favorite author, not a series book, but a standalone in which the author stretches himself creatively. It’s the kind of novel you may not have gotten to read before ebooks, precisely the kind I download in a snap.

Just in time for Labor Day gift-giving and the fall leaf season.

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