A Load Of Quertermous By Bryon Quertermous

A while back, Bryon Quertermous decided to become a pioneer in the ebook realm and collected three of his short stories into A Load of Quertermous. They are three rather original stories, beginning with “Load,” a story about a sperm bank robbery that does not go as planned. It’s one for Jerry Springer.

In Mr. Saturday Night Special, a Flint, MI, private investigator has an unusual client, his wife’s divorce lawyer. Is he really in trouble, or is this a setup?

The collection finishes up with Alter Road. In it, Quertermous paints a stark picture of a shrinking Detroit in this story of a preacher with a violent past out to avenge his daughter’s death.

All these stories show a Michigan past its industrial prime. The characters are getting by as best as they can. Not a bad set.