Late To Weinergate

I’ve hesitated to chime in on Weinergate until now.  What more is there to say about Congressman Anthony Weiner? The man with the giggle-inducing last name should have known better with his moniker. Really, even Bill Clinton wasn’t born with this kind of baggage. And photographing yourself in the House gym?

Google yourself. All your embarrassing rants and lewd photos are out there somewhere. Someday, a Girls Gone Wild video is going to become an issue for a Supreme Court nominee, and she’s going to be able to wave it off by saying, “Really, Senator, seriously?”

That day is not here yet. And so we have Anthony Weiner who has never seen the Venn diagram that shows privacy and the Internet as two mutually exclusive entities. In other words, if you are in a high-profile position that requires you to be on your best behavior, behave!

I say this because Weiner did the politicians’ knee-jerk reaction to getting caught: Deny! Deny! Deny! Once… Just once… And it should have started with Bill Clinton… I’d like to see a politician get caught doing something morally questionable but irrelevant to his or her job and totally legal and say, “I’m sorry. Are you my wife? Because my wife is allowed to be in a homicidal rage at the moment. You are just a TMZ junkie looking for a fix, so go f*** y0urself!” (It’ll never be a Republican unless the GOP somehow rediscovers its inner PJ O’Rourke again.)

But what’s truly pathetic – aside from my using this as blog filler a week late – is how some in Congress are falling all over themselves to express moral outrage. Nancy Pelosi seems particularly desperate to remain relevant since losing a job that was hers to blow. On the other hand, the most surprising voice in all this is John Boehner. The Speaker of the House held his tongue until Saturday, when he made fun of his own name during a commencement speech at The Ohio State University before saying, “At least my name isn’t ‘Weiner.'” Only yesterday did Boehner start applying pressure for Weiner to go. (Yes, I’m praising Boehner for something. Stranger things have happened.)

But in the end, it’s not up to the House or (Thank God) the media. It’s up to Weiner. And his constituents, who can be very forgiving if they think their man is doing right by them. Cincinnati once had a mayor who had his own Weinergate. Said mayor wrote a check for a massage that came with a happy ending over in Newport, Kentucky, at the time the local Sin City. He resigned. The people voted him right back in.

And you’d better be glad they did, or you’d have never heard of Jerry Springer, ex-mayor, former news anchor, and freak show emcee.

Um..  Wait a minute…


One thought on “Late To Weinergate

  1. For me, the funniest thing about this deal was the live coverage of the demonstrations outside his office over the weekend. Of course, there were the folks demanding he resign while chanting and waving their signs.

    And then there were his supporters. Good folks waving their signs while screaming “I like Weiner!”

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