My Town Monday Cincinnati: Giant Jesus To Rise Again

Once upon a time, a 62-foot statue of Jesus reached to the heavens in sight of all who traveled I-75 through Monroe, Ohio. Built in the reflecting pool of Solid Rock Church, the statue known as Touchdown Jesus (real name, King of Kings) became a local landmark.

And then it happened. One night, during a thunderstorm, despite precautions taken to protect the big guy, lightning claimed Touchdown Jesus.

Labeled for resuse

Labeled for resuse

Within minutes, all that remained was a charred metal frame. A local landmark was gone.

Labeled for resuse

Labeled for resuse

Solid Rock Church, which had been planning a renovation of the statue, vowed to rebuild. A number of designs were looked at, but it was clear Touchdown Jesus was done. Well, now work has begun on a new Giant Jesus. Gone is Jesus from the waist up reaching for the Heavens. In its place will be a full body sculpture of The Lord reaching out to people called Come Unto Me.

Solid Rock Church

Work is expected to be completed at the end of summer.

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  1. Well, here’s hoping that the new statue brings comfort and joy to the parishioners. Rising again seems to be a recurring theme.

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