Adventures In Reimaging Part Trois – Windows 2008 R2

The Linux box is off-line. Due to academic and work needs, I have to build an Active Directory domain to design and test a project. So what did I do, considering the Linux machine is a 6-year-old Compaq tower that can’t handle a 64-bit operating system?

Dude, I got me a Dell! I bought a refurbished GX620 with a 3GHz Pentium D, 3 GB of RAM, and a 500 GB hard drive. Only…

Day 1, things went south from the start. I installed Windows Server 2008 R2 (Oh, bless you, Microsoft academic freebies! Bless you! I get to graduate!), 64-bit edition. As soon as the system rebooted, the hard drive disappeared. Well, it was a refurb. But while the seller was more than happy to swap the hard drive out for me, I needed the server up and running now!

So off to Best Buy, where I discovered for an extra $30, I could double my drive capacity. So I now have 1 Terabyte of space.

Then it was time to install Windows 2008. This project is a web-based project, I installed the Web Edition. Hey, guess what. That’s the stripped down version of Windows Server. I needed Standard or Enterprise. (Actually, if I was feeling friskie, the package came with a license for Datacenter, but I have no desire buy a used Pentium-based mainframe.) So there went one evening.

Try it again the next night. I then discover that Windows Server doesn’t automatically load all those features Windows 7, XP, or OS X all load by default. But then this is Windows Server. It’s not supposed to surf the web. (Don’t bother. Microsoft wisely locks down Internet Explorer so you don’t download a Trojan with your porn.) It also doesn’t turn on wireless by default.

So once I figured out everything I needed to turn on, I tried again. Now, Windows runs its networks through what’s called an Active Directory domain. Active Directory organizes everything on the network – users, printers, computers. So I installed it. Then I turned on DNS, a cute little term that basically says the server can serve.

That wasn’t working. I tried all sorts of combinations of the server and router’s IP addresses to no avail. The Windows 7 tower refused to login. Then one morning, my laptop would not connect to the Internet. Everyone else could the previous evening. Was there something on the router I accidentally set?

Nope. The router and the server had the same IP address. Funny thing is, when I fixed this (It was definitely an accident. I set the addresses backwards.), I actually fixed the AD problem.

So now I have a full-blown network running in my basement. I want to move all our files to the server. AJ wants me to setup a game server.

First, I have to get my project done so I can graduate.

Of course, I can’t neglect the most important part. Computers need names to identify themselves on the network. You can use IP addresses (Does anyone remember when Compu$erve held out for ages before letting users pick something people could remember besides “”? I hated emailing people on Compu$serve.) I thought of calling it “Big Daddy,” but that name’s already been taken at Chateau Nita. Then I got an idea watching Monday Nite Raw. My server would be called “TheMiz.” Why?

‘Cuz it’s… awesome!


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  1. Ah, young padawan, you are finally grokking the secrets of The Force. Soon, you will feel a strong desire to Force Choke Bill Gates.

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