The Nita Rita

It’s summer (if you go with the hype that summer begins on Memorial Day), and as such, time to think about summer things – like mowing the lawn (a challenge here in water-logged Ohio) and SPF 30.  But it’s also time for hiking and grilling and baseball.

And margaritas.

I love margaritas. As long as you don’t overdo them, they’re like an adult version of lemonade. If you do overdo them – Well, don’t overdo them. That’s tequila you’re messing with, and agave is an unforgiving fruit when fermented and overindulged.

One of the discoveries of my first summer with Nita was what we now call “The Nita Rita.” What’s a Nita Rita?

Well, one day, we had margarita mix and we had tequila – Cuervo Gold. No Triple Sec. Hmm…

But we had Jameson. The Winter household is always stocked with Jameson. So Nita used Jamie to replace Triple Sec. How was it?


We then tried Bacardi 151 Dark Rum.


Even tried Jack Daniels.

So how do you make this delicious challenge to the margarita tradition?

4 parts tequila – preferably Jose Cuervo Especial

6 parts margarita mix – Again, we prefer Cuervo

Now here’s the tricky part. What sort of Nita Rita do you want? Well, here’s the final part for each type:

Irish Nita Rita – 2 parts Jameson

Jamaican Nita Rita – 2 parts dark rum

Russian Nita Rita – 2 parts vodka

Tennessee Nita Rita – 2 parts Jack Daniels

Kentucky Nita Rita – 2 parts Jim Beam (also a Queen City Nita Rita as Jim Beam distills here in the city.)

Jaeger Nita Rita – That’s just crazy talk

So there you have it. The Nita Rita, a tradition here at Chateau Nita since 2008. Invented by my wife, the incomparable Nita.


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    • Ah, yes. I don’t think we’d come up with that one when I wrote this, but it’s a pretty interesting flavor.

      Actually, Red Stag is a really good mixer. I could do a whole post about it.

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