Now That A Week Has Passed…

It’s been a week since Osama bin-Laden was killed in a military raid. It’s interesting to note it’s taken less time to digest his death than it did the murderous acts he instigated. A few thoughts on the matter.

  • I won’t lie. If I lived near Ground Zero, I’d have been out that night with the crowd cheering over it. It might not be the best in humanity, but can you blame people for wanting a bit of relief from the last decade?
  • By giving bin Laden a decent burial, they denied bin Laden two things he wanted most. First, he was buried at sea in a traditional Islamic ceremony with an American Muslim serviceman doing the honors. In this way, the Navy made the War on Terror about al Qaeda (and more specifically, bin Laden) and took away his holy war. We’re after terrorists. He was after anyone who didn’t adhere to his narrow little view of righteousness. And if you’re Christian or Jewish in America, you’ve had your own faith tested by similar hypocrites who questioned your commitment to their warped vision of your beliefs. Think of it this way: God hates the religious and loves the spiritual.
    The second thing they took away from bin Laden was a martyr’s burial. Bin Laden was treated like anyone else who died in Islam. Martyrs are buried in the clothes they died in.
  • I will not repost that stupid “Obama did not kill bin Laden…” piece of crap going around on Facebook. It says to repost if you honor the troops. I will not because I refuse to dishonor and disrespect the troops to satisfy some people’s reprehensible need to make their politics their religion.
  • Instead, I will simply say, “Thank you, Navy Seals!”
  • Despite the urge to fist-pump last week, I had to resist the urge to sing, “Hey, Hey, Hey! Goodbye!” Maybe this song is more appropriate.

    Maybe now that the millstone is no longer around our neck, September has ended. We might be headed into a cold winter, but at least you can see spring on the other side. Eventually.