My Town Monday Cincinnati: Meet The President

Cincinnati has its share of late presidents: Taft, Grant, Benjamin Harrison. Aside from Taft, though, only one is buried in Cincinnati. William Henry Harrison.

Harrison, our ninth president, died of pneumonia barely a month into his term, so we never will know what his legacy would have been. He did, however, live long enough to shoo perennial presidential bridesmaid Henry Clay from the White House, explaining that the president does not report to the senior senator from Kentucky.

Harrison is buried in the village of North Bend, the site of the former Harrison family estate. Also buried at his tomb are his wife and son, John Scott Harrison.  Grandson Benjamin Harrison, who later became president himself, moved to Indianapolis when his law career began. The tomb is the site of the Harrison Memorial, which overlooks the Ohio River. Harrison, son of leading Virginia statesman Benjamin Harrison V, moved to Ohio after his early military service and often returned to North Bend between stints in the army and a term as governor of the Indiana Territory.







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    • I think beyond Taft and WH Harrison, who are here in the city, Hayes, Harding, and Garfield are buried here. Benjamin Harrison is in Indiana somewhere, and Grant is in New York City.

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