Hey, Look! I’m Just Like JA Konrath Now!

My first short story, 2001’s “A Walk in the Rain,” is now available for download for Kindle for only 99 cents. For less than you’d spend at Starbucks or the corner bar or even for a candy bar, you can have the story that started it all.

All of what, I still haven’t figured out, but you can have the story that started it all. Best of all, original editor Neil Smith of Plots With Guns fame writes a short intro.

About “A Walk in the Rain”:

One night, on a stretch of rural highway on the fringes of Cleveland, part-time musician and private investigator Nick Kepler is walking along the side of the road as the rain pours. Why? A childhood friend has found a violent solution to her abusive relationship, and she wants Nick to “make it all go away.”

Coming soon to Sony, Nook, and iBooks.