Remember When Mail Came In A Truck?

About a week ago, I had to mail some photographs. Normally, this is a set-it-and-forget-it deal. Slap a stamp on the envelope and off it goes. I don’t even know what a stamp costs anymore. They just say “Forever” on them. Normally, this is not a big deal.

This past week, it was. I was sending photos, as I said. The envelope was a bit heavier than usual, so I checked the weight at the Post Office. It came up 78 cents. I put my last two stamps on the envelope, but was it enough? All the stamps said was “Forever.” Did I have enough postage?

Nowhere in the Post Office was there anything that said what the price of stamps were. There were a lot of listings for Priority Mail, media mail, and so on, but apparently, they assume you already know what a First Class stamp costs.  It was Sunday morning, so no one was around to tell me what the price was. I was out of stamps. What to do?

I pulled out the Droid and Googled it. Yeah. There’s an app for that.  Turns out I’d put 84 cents on the envelope, more than enough to send the photos off. The strange thing is I have to think about using the mail now. I have to travel more than a few blocks to find a mailbox where once they sat on every other corner. And to find out how much my stamps were worth, I had to use my phone to get on the Internet where I usually send email, which is why I don’t mail things much anymore.

Remember when the phone was just for making calls and stamps still had the price on them?

I read about that once.

On my Kindle.