MTM Cincinnati: Bobby Mackey’s Is Haunted

Across the river in Wilder, Kentucky, sits Bobby Mackey’s Music World.  It’s a night club named for the country music singer who owns it.  It is also proclaimed to be “the most haunted nightclub in America.”  Naturally, the club is pitching Halloween tours all this month.

Allegedly, the club is haunted by the spirit of Pearl Bryan, a woman murdered in 1896 in nearby Ft. Thomas.  Bryan was found with her head cut off.  Since then, many local legends have sprung up claiming that her killers were devil worshipers who sacrificed her in a Satanic ritual.

Later, a dancer at the club in its pre-Bobby Mackey days (Mackey set up shop in the late 1970’s) committed suicide there.  Named Johanna, she was distraught after her father killed her lover and took her own life.

Whatever the origins, over the years, legends of the haunting have come to center around a well in the basement, which Mackey says is a gateway to Hell.  The well was dug for a slaughterhouse that existed around the time of Bryan’s murder.  The well was sealed up when the slaughterhouse was demolished and the roadhouse that is now Bobby Mackey’s was built.

Over the years, staff, police, and even clergy have reported flying objects, disembodied voices, and even violent attacks.  It’s made television over the years, most recently on Ghost Adventurers. It also was the subject of a book, Hell’s Gate.  I watched the Ghost Adventurers episode, which was actually pretty funny.  One of the ghost hunters kept talking smack to the evil spirits in the well.

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