Technical Difficulties, An Update, and Yet Another Robert Tilton Video

This week has been a rough one technically.  The My Town Monday post disappeared without a trace.  No explanation.  Wednesday night, I attempted to do a video blog only to find my camera’s battery died.  Waiting 24 hours, I went to record last night.  And I did rerecord.  Except I can’t find the video now.


Anyway, I’ve revised all the remaining parts of Holland Bay and am now working on replacing the other 70,000 words that got tossed.  That’s it.  That’s all I wanted to say in that video, but I’m too tired to deal with it.

So for your weekend pleasure, here’s a recent Robert Tilton farting preacher video.  It used to be Bob’s coke-fueled ticks and spasms and random “speaking in tongues” were excuse enough to insert fart noises.  Now?

Bob’s an old man.  Just appearing on screen seems to be excuse enough.

The Rev. Tilton, of course, has gotten aggressive about yanking these off YouTube. Never mind that they’re covered under parody. Like I always said, if you don’t have a sense of humor, you were riding shotgun on 9/11.


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