So How Do I Like To Read?

One of the big arguments over ebooks is which format – print or electronic – should you read.

Well, let’s put it this way.

I own a Kindle.

I have Kindle and Nook on Droid.

And I own shelves and shelves of books.  In fact, I hit Half-Price Books and Barnes & Noble every other week, despite there being books from the 2004 Bouchercon I haven’t gotten around to yet.

So what how do I like my books?

In English.  I’m not multilingual, so English is about my only option.

I really don’t care where I get that English from.

Thus spake the reader.

4 thoughts on “So How Do I Like To Read?

  1. Often “reflective versus active” displays are where I hear the arguments with substance. Notebooks, phones, and iPads all get actively lit from behind. Indoors, they shine too brightly, like trying to read the wattage on a lit bulb. Outdoors, they pale under the sunlight. But Kindle and its kind don’t backlight, so they extend battery life and facilitate outdoor reading.

    My ebooks are on notebook and Internet tablet, running Linux and Meego, so both are backlit devices. I seem to drift to sleep faster if fighting the backlit displays, and more so with the droning cooling fan of the notebook.

    These ebooks satisfy an appeal to my paperless efforts; I want to be modern and conserving. But good old dead tree seems easier on the eye. If only the recycled plastic approach caught on, as used in “Cradle to Cradle,” it would satisfy all.

  2. Wow, this is a tough one to admit (forgive me Patti). I have been reading a kindle for about a month. I still have some print books to read on a TBR stack. I started one the other day but forgot it on my way to work (thank God). The book is a very good one but … I was on a crowded subway heading home and thought, Thank God I didn’t forget my kindle. Nothing makes me crazier than wasting time; traveling on public transportation without something to read, etc. Anyway, because I was forced to use my kindle, I started what I had downloaded for FREE (another read of Crime and Punishment) and because I started it, I can’t go back to the print book (because it isn’t as good) … which means the print book gets put off now until I’m finished with C&P and I have the time to read it at home (but not the gym, where my kindle is helping me shed tonnage fast because I can read it while on the elliptical machines). Unfortunately, it’s no contest. I prefer the kindle now.

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