Friday Rants

A few things I want to get off my chest going into the holiday weekend.  For starters…

  • Why is politics always discussed by people who lack even the most basic understanding of how the economy works?  You would think the Tea Party, with its emphasis on fiscal responsibility and resolving the national debt, would get this.  They actually are the most ignorant.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s how to spot the idiot.  Whenever someone says, “Well, they’re just going to print more money,” they clearly have no clue what money actually is these days.  Sorry, but you can’t just print more money.  Most money isn’t even hard currency anymore anyway.  Get a clue before you express your outrage.
  • OK, ebook writers.  We know you flipped New York the bird and are now taking your work straight to the people.  Good on ya.  Now, maybe you’d like to take time to talk about the damn book so I know what I’m buying?
  • I know people who work for BP.  I genuinely feel for station owners who only sell the gas.  I’ll buy candy bars at those places, but not the gas.  Let’s be honest, BP.  You screwed up big time, and you haven’t been all that impressive in handling the situation.  More amoral men than those in BP’s management would have done better in the past.  Why?  They knew the pain was coming.  So stop whining that the federal government hasn’t done anything.  (Making you pay for it all counts as something) or that the drilling company screwed up (It was on your orders and under protest) or that you “care about the small people.”  All you’ve done is make electric cars even more popular.  The board and management of Tesla motors and the designers of the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf thank you.

The Fate of Road Rules

The people have spoken. The largest number of you voted to put it up for sale on Kindle and the other major ebook platforms.  But it was not a majority.  An equal number of votes were split between it being just like PublishAmerica and asking me to think about it some more.  A few of you asked, “What’s Road Rules?”

Road Rules is this.

So without a majority vote, Road Rules will be Kindle and ereader ready soon, but it will be for free.  In the meantime, I will be putting together The Compleat Winter by summer’s end and…  Dare I say it?  Will a certain book published out of someone’s garage a few years ago make a return?

Hey, ya never know.