I Love You

What do Nita and I say to each other first thing in the morning?

“I love you.”

Before we go to sleep?

“I love you.”

When we hang up on the phone with each other?

“I love you.”

When we’re mad and not talking, what’s the one thing we still say?

“I love you.”

When one of us is sad?

“I love you.”

When one of us is ill?

“I love you.”


“I love you.”


“I love you.”


“I love you.”

When neither of us has said a word for a while?

“I love you.”

It’s not forced.  We don’t take it for granted.  We just say it.

Secret to a good marriage.

4 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. Ours goes like this:

    Me: Fuck, my back.

    Ann Marie: Shhhh.

    Me: (as I trip over dog stairs) Damn it.

    Ann Marie: Put them back so Rigoletto can get down.

    Me: (getting dressed for work) You check the lotto tickets yet?

    Ann Marie: Yes. Put your tie on.

    Me: (Driving to the train that will take us to the ferry that will take her to work and me to another two trains) What are the odds on some action tonight?

    Ann Marie: You really think you’ll have the energy?

    Me: No, I just want to know the odds. Old habits die hard.

    Ann Marie: They’re long. Focus on making it through the toll booth up ahead.

    Me: (When we part for work–before my two other trains): Love you.

    Ann Marie: I love you too, honey.

    Then I send her an email first thing after logging on at work (from one blood sucking law firm to another): Buon Giorno, Principessa. I love my wife!

    She responds with: Love you too.

    It may’ve taken me 4 tries (her 3 tries), but we’re guessing you’re right, Mr. Winter.

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