How Does A Writer Rise Above The Crowd?

So ebooks are booming and promise to do so for the foreseeable future.  One only need look at JA Konrath to know that it’s possible to not only make money in ebooks, but to go it alone.

On the flip side, how does one go it alone and sell enough copies to make it worthwhile?  Sure, if you’re a midlist writer, you’ve already got a following.  But what if you’re an unknown?  How do you rise above the tide?  Already, we’re seeing a repeat of cheap POD self-publishing.  Granted, the stigma is nowhere near as great, mainly because it doesn’t register on Bookscan.


Still, Calibre and Smashwords make it easy for anyone who’s written books to format an ebook and upload it to the major sellers.  So if it only takes a few mouse clicks to get into Barnes & Noble, onto Sony and iBooks, and available for Kindle, how do you rise above the sea of books out there?  It’s already tough to sell your book in print, particularly since the major publishers simply won’t fund the type of marketing necessary to sell books.

Joe Konrath often repeats the same keys to success over and over again:  Good cover, proper format, and, above all, write a good book! He also hammers on price point, suggesting $2.99 to be the magic number.

OK, so you’ve written a good book, formatted it cleanly, and have a good cover.  You’re selling it for $2.99.  Now what?  If you’re an unknown, how do you move enough copies of your book that it pays a reasonable amount of money?

That, kids, is the $64,000 question.  So what’s the answer.

One thought on “How Does A Writer Rise Above The Crowd?

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    Once you know your expertise, get to know your audience. This is where your one mouth meets the two ears that can find common ground. There are likely groups who discuss your field of interest. Maybe they just share a yahoogroup, or maybe they meet in the corporeal flesh. Get your work on their recommended reading list.

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