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If Nita and I stay in Cincinnati when we get older, we know where we want to live.  Just northeast of the city on the banks of the Little Miami River sits the quiet town of Loveland.

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Loveland’s attraction is its downtown area, which has been revitalized and rebuilt around the Loveland Bike Trail, part of the Little Miami Trail between Newtown (near Lunken Field) and Xenia.  Reflecting this, the old rail depot now houses Bob Ronker’s Running Spot, one of Cincinnati’s premier sporting goods stores.  Ronker’s sponsors several groups training for the Flying Pig Marathon.

Here, you can see where the old Little Miami Railroad would drop off passengers.

Along the bike trail sits a bike shop, a small coffee bar, and a trail information center.  Along the main drag, where it crosses the trail, there are several shops and restaurants, not the least of which is the Paxton Grill.

I especially love Paxton’s chili, plus they serve the local Mt. Carmel brews on tap.  What more could you ask for?

Here is the trail as it passes through the business district.

Loveland itself used to be a farm community and a get away for city dwellers back in the days when the Little Miami Railroad carried passengers between Cincinnati and Dayton.  Originally founded 1795 by Col. Thomas Paxton, the hamlet confined itself to Clermont County.  In the mid-1800’s, the village was a resort town nicknamed “The Little Switzerland of the Miami Valley.”  Its main industries were peach and strawberry farming, a gravel pit, and the Kugler Mill, a major sawmill whose name remains on a local road.  In 1876, Loveland incorporated and took the name of James Loveland, who operated a general store and a post office in the town.

In the postwar boom of the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, Loveland’s population swelled, and it reincorporated as a chartered city.  Today, in addition to the historic downtown district along the Bike Trail, Loveland boasts a castle (more on that in a future My Town Monday) and a stage company.  The Loveland Stage Company suffered a fire two years ago, nearly shutting the theater group down for good.  Today, they occupy another building near the site of the original theater.

Loveland, by virtue of absorbing several smaller towns in its recharter, now sits in three different counties.  Originally contained in Clermont County, its borders now overlap Warren and Hamilton Counties.  The town is quiet, noted for its schools, and of course, that famous bike trail.  Nita and I look forward to moving there.  Assuming California doesn’t call us first.

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