MTM Cincinnati – Honeymoon Cincinnati

Last Friday, I posted about our second wedding anniversary.  So what did we do?

I decided to spoil Nita taking her downtown for the weekend.  Here’s the breakdown.

  • Dinner at The Palomino, which overlooks Fountain Square from the building it shares with Macy’s.  The staff decorated our table for our anniversary.
  • Our original choice was The Palace at the Cincinnatian Hotel, but we were bumped when a private party took over the restaurant.  The lesson here is to call and verify your reservation day of.
  • Carriages normally run evenings downtown.  Not this weekend, but if you can catch them running, I highly recommend one.
  • Took Nita for a stroll around Fountain Square.  We could have stopped for drinks at Nia Nite, Rock Bottom, or Mynt Martini, or even watched a movie shown on the giant screen overlooking the Square from Macy’s.  Instead, we helped ourselves to some Graeter’s ice cream.  (Note to United Dairy Farmers:  You need to put a location in or near Queen City Square.  It’s not fair only one Cincinnati brand ice cream is sold downtown.)
  • Our room at the Westin overlooked the Square.  In the middle of the night, when the Square is quiet, the Fountain itself is gorgeous, lights mounted inside the water.  And the buildings help make for a pretty sunrise view.

And that was our Queen City second honeymoon.

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4 thoughts on “MTM Cincinnati – Honeymoon Cincinnati

  1. I hope the ice cream was yummy and how nice of the staff to decorate your table. It’s the small things that count!

  2. Strolling around a fountain with ice cream on a lovely night? Reminds me of a technicolor Hollywood production. I’m sure you made a wonderful leading couple! Have many more!

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