It Was Two Years Ago Today…

January, 2008 – I and the former spousal unit reveal to the world that we’re separated.  Later that month, I start a casual conversation with a woman I met through my dying standup career and ask if we might meet at a bar somewhere for a drink.

February, 2008 – The only available day for us to meet is Valentine’s Day.  I opt to spoil Juanita with a Valentine’s Day date.  We have three more dates by the end of the week.  I practically live at her house by the end of the month and am getting along well with her son.

March, 2008 – The paperwork is filed for Juanita to claim me off waivers.

April, 2008 – While discussing whether I should go on an already-planned trip to Gatlinburg, TN, Juanita half-jokingly mentions there are plenty of wedding chapels in the area.  I promptly drop to my knees and propose.  AJ approves.

May, 2008 – The date is set.  We now live together as a family already.  We buy each other rings.

June 18, 2008 – Happiest day of my life.  When I should have been well into my single life, I am instead happily married again.  Nita makes my jaw drop as she comes downstairs in her wedding dress.  We are married in a mountain-top chapel.  AJ gives his mom away.

Thank you, Sweet Rose for taking a chance on me.  You’ve given me a family when I expected never to have one and made me a very happy man.

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