Once Again, Boehner Entertains

Speaking of BP, John Boehner wants you to know he’s on top of the oil spill situation.  Unlike President Obama or even fellow Republican Bobby Jindahl, Boehner (R-First Unlicked Window on the Right) hasn’t been wasting his time sunning himself in Louisiana.  After all, God made orange spray-on tans and tanning booths for a reason.  No, John goes right to the heart of the matter.

“I think the people responsible in the oil spill–BP and the federal government–should take full responsibility for what’s happening there,”

In short, it’s not just BP’s fault that they took dangerous shortcuts on safety precautions that would have prevented this.  Oh, no.  John, normally a deficit hound, wants the government to pay for it.

You know, the government you and I pay for with our taxes.

Because, after all, if we hadn’t wasted a year debating things like – Oh, I dunno.  The economy?  Healthcare?  Trivial stuff like that – BP would never have blown a gas well and wrecked the Gulf Coast for years to come.

Never mind that John is part of that same federal government he wants to pay for BP’s mess.

And never mind that this was not a government operation, the type John loves to say never works.

I think a little less spray-on tan is in order, John.  Those fumes are going straight to your head.

2 thoughts on “Once Again, Boehner Entertains

  1. You know, I’m not a big fan of Obama – but are people beating HIM up over this mess? It’s not like he’s going to swim down there like Aquaman and telepathically get one of his whale buddies to ram a giant cork into place.

  2. People may be upset with Obama for the time it has taken for anything to happen regarding the government 1) pushing BP for info (and not accepting what has been up until now, a consistent line of shit regarding how much oil was leaking, the digital view of the spill, oil plumes, etc.); 2) using other resources to contain the spill and protect the coastline (i.e., where’s the Navy and its resources or private enterprise that could bill BP down the road); and 3) enacting emergency legislation (if necessary) to move some of the above efforts along (i.e., the bureacracy involved in trying to save pelicans, for one thing, is absurd–representatives of several different entities need to be present on any given boat attempting to save a fucking bird). He’s not being beaten yet … but no matter what happens in November, when all the people put out of work along the coast (and elsewhere) by this mess hits home and BP announces they’ll go bankrupt unless … that’s when Obama will have to start worrying about his political ass. Until then … not to worry, “he’s in charge.”

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