Your Politics Don’t Have To Be Stupid…

This is neither a liberal nor conservative rant.  In fact, I’ve often made a lot of noise about rejecting those labels that seem so hard-wired into our consciousness.  Yet political discussion seems too often to be about who can scream the loudest.  The problem is I am an independent voter, and screaming often makes me want to change the channel.

My problem is the demonization that exists in politics.  We live in a nation that actually has a very narrow political spectrum.  Yet throughout the 1990’s, conservatives waged a successful campaign to paint their liberal counterparts as weak, amoral, and communist.  Never mind that the only true communists left in the world live in Cuba and North Korea.  (Hugo Chavez is communist like China is communist.  It’s not a people’s republic.  It’s Chavez Oil, Inc.)  Of course, for the longest time, liberals cooperated by responding with “Please don’t hurt me!” and curling up into the fetal position.

Then came George Bush, who’s presidency was, to put it mildly, controversial.  Soon, conservatives were painted as fear-mongering bigots who pandered to big business.  Like the liberals putting up their hands and crying like babies, conservatives were (and still are) complicit in their own demonization:  They scream like a bunch of fear-mongering bigots hiding under the skirts of Big Business (TM).

Neither of these pictures are accurate.  George Bush was not a fascist.  Barack Obama is not a socialist.  If you want to argue those points, go look up the definitions of those words first.  Then prepare to be schooled on how stupid hyperbole sounds.

At it’s core, most people’s politics are based on frustration.  If you want to boil down the whole liberal vs. conservative thing into terms that don’t involve calling the other side communist or bigoted or Yankees fans, it’s real simple.

Americans are frustrated when things don’t go their way, kind of like right now.  And based on a 234 year tradition of sticking it to The Man, most Americans still want to stick it to The Man.  But who’s The Man?  Liberals rightly believe it’s big business.  Conservatives rightly believe it’s big government.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what Man you want to stick it too.

Now quit watching Michael Moore movies or buying Ann Coulter’s books.  Nobody ever achieved mediocrity, let alone greatness, listening to a willfully ignorant fear mongerer.

That includes Glenn Beck.

Study on it.  Pray on it.

3 thoughts on “Your Politics Don’t Have To Be Stupid…

  1. Before attacking liberals as “communist”, the USA successfully managed to refer to Korea, Cuba, China and the USSR as Communist. They aren’t Communist states. They are authoritarian. they are state capitalist if anything. All of those nations, were run like one big company. That is not Communist.

  2. It always makes me giggle anymore when some wingnut says we’re overtaxed and Obama is a socialist, considering America’s tax rates are among the lowest in the G8, and a socialist would have tossed Jamie Dimon into supermax with Bubba, the love-starved convicted hit man who thinks Jamie looks like his old lady.

  3. And, of course, the problem may well be that the difference between the two major parties is something akin to a dirty pubic hair.

    Obama a socialist? And here I am thinking he’s Bush light …

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