The Year In Jim…

January – I get weirded out by the fact that I’m filing a joint income tax return a year after I thought I’d filed my last joint income tax return.  Of course, I like who I’m joined to now.

February – Jim Winter: 42-year-old freshman.  Sort of.  I’m taking remedial algebra.

March – Tax refund + Internet shopping for furniture = bitching new couch and recliner.

April – Bye bye, wisdom teeth.  Hello, vidodin.

May – I have a major nerdgasm when the new Star Trek comes out the weekend of my birthday.  Wife and kid watch nervously, expecting me to suddenly break out the old Klingon gear and go to the theater in full costume.  (Actually, I went to the Irish place at the Levee before the movie for a shot of Jamie and a Bass Ale.)

June – Mark Sanford:  Says he’s hiking the Appalachian Trail on Father’s Day when he’s getting some strange in South America.  Jim Winter:  Says he’s hiking the Loveland Bike Trail on Father’s Day when he’s…  um…  having breakfast at Loveland’s Paxton Grill after a long walk on the Loveland Bike Trail.  Hmm…  Mrs. Sanford asked for a divorce.  Mrs. Winter painted the living room.  Guess who treated his wife better?

Also, wonderful first anniversary with Nita.

July – Staycation, all I ever wanted; Staycation, had to… er… um… stay away.

August – Jim attempts to write a hit man novel

September – And still working on the hit man novel

October – My first Bouchercon in 3 years.  Great to reconnect some old friends.

November – After a scolding from Ken Bruen, abandon hit man novel and resumed work on “The Magnum Opus”

December – The Enterprise continues…  Also, flirted with 300 pounds because Nita feeds me well.  Too well.  (That and we eat out a lot in December.)

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  1. Sounds like a great year to me. Happy New Year Jim. I know 2010 will be better. Sophmore standing, right?

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