Any Given Day


My reviews are all done for the month.  I should be finished with work for at least two of my classes by the end of next week.  Oh, and you people owe me some reader requests.  So if you’re reading this, start requestin’.

In the meantime, whilst I prepare to dive into the new novel, hereinafter referred to as The New Novel (TM), I plan to treat myself.  I’m going to be reading Dennis Lehane’s big ass magnum opus, The Given Day.

Yes, it’s been out a while, and at 700 pages, it’s not something that fits easily into my TBR stack.  But it’s time.  Besides, the last Lehane I read was Sacred, which was not the best of the Patrick and Angie novels.  (I leave that to Darkness Take My Hand.)

So what will I be reading once I commence to writing?  Oh, I dunno.  Likely, it’ll be Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land and Starship Troopers, a lot of history, and maybe a Hemingway.  No crime fiction.  I don’t want to read crime fiction while I’m writing it.

2 thoughts on “Any Given Day

  1. How many pages do you give a book you don’t have to review before tossing it? Or are you one of those types that make a commitment to finishing once you start?

  2. Since I have a limited amount of time, I will usually quit on a bad book within the first 100 pages, often in the first 50. I generally don’t write negative reviews because 1.) I normally have control over what I review and 2.) even when I don’t, I can usually get a replacement within a few days. The downside to this is negative reviews are becoming more and more the domain of trolls on Amazon who take every opportunity to slam an author.

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