MTM Cincinnati: It’s A Real Zoo In Avondale

In the neighborhood of Avondale, near the hospital-dominated Pill Hill district and the University of Cincinnati is the Cincinnati Zoo, the second oldest zoo in America.  It’s reptile house is the second oldest in America.  Where better for Nita and I to spend the day after Memorial Day?


So while Kong here ponders what Darwin was smoking when he said humans were the higher primates – evidence was sorely lacking in the kids’ groups trying to get his attention – why don’t you go to the jump and check out the rest of the zoo.

[More My Town Mondays with Travis, who’s otherwise taking the week off.]

The zoo is one of three major zoos in Ohio, the others being in Cleveland and Columbus.  The Columbus Zoo is perhaps the most famous, thanks to Jack Hanna.  Hanna is also a frequent fixture at the Cincinnati Zoo as well.

This summer’s biggest draw is the giraffe pen, where you can feed these gentle animals at certain times a day.


The zoo was home to the last passenger pigeon, which died there a few years before World War I.  Obviously, it never occurred to the passenger pigeon it’d thrive downtown.  You can’t go ten feet without running into several of its still-living cousins.  Another animal on the verge of extinction we saw is the polar bear, which seems to be happy as long as it has a pool of cold water to swim in.


Meet one of the residents of America’s oldest reptile house.


No dung was thrown at the baboon exhibit.


Elephants greet you when you enter the zoo’s original entrance.


And my date for the day, the lovely Miss Nita.



7 thoughts on “MTM Cincinnati: It’s A Real Zoo In Avondale

  1. Your pictures turned our really great – well except the one of me with no make up haha I had so much fun that day with you – I love you!

  2. We don’t have elephants anymore. The zoo persuaded us it was inhuman to keep them in such a cold climate.

  3. Nice pictures! The Cincinnati Zoo is indeed a great zoo. It has the nation’s best Insect exhibit, as well as the best cat collection, with the famous Cat House, white tigers, white lions, and a special cheetah running show. It also has the only exhibit of rare hairy Sumatran rhinos.

    One correction: Ohio has FOUR major zoos — you forgot Toledo.

  4. Yes, I did. Even living in Ohio, it’s sometimes hard to remember life exists outside the Thee C’s (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincy.)

    OTOH, sometimes, I think I’m the only Ohioan who knows Hocking Hills exists. (Fine by me. Smaller crowds when I go.)

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