“Oh, the pain. The pain.”

Because I do everything later in life than most people, today I will be getting my wisdom teeth pulled less than three weeks before my 43rd birthday.

This weekend, I will get to test this little nugget of wisdom from comedian Bill Engvall:

“Half a vicodin and a Bahama mama make for a wonderful morning.”

And my wife knows how to make Bahama mamas.

See you Monday, shorter of teeth, and one day closer to death.

UPDATE:  Never take the vike on an empty stomach.  My dentist overhyped the post op effects.  Thanks to some bitter pills (literally), I’ve had no swelling,  and I controlled the pain with Advil.  (The two vicodin doses were needed, but not the nausea and cold sweats it brought on later.)  The doc got snotty with my wife about a life insurance joke she made, then with me for jokingly saying, “See you on the other side.”  Hey, doc, when the joke’s on me, STFU.  I’m the one in pain.  I’ll tell you what’s funny.

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