The Wire Gets A New Fan

Duke Sinatra, former sidekick to Cincinnati radio legend Gary Burbank, has discovered The Wire. Like those of us who learned of it before (in my case, straight from George Pelecanos’ mouth at a book signing), Duke is in awe.

He is also confused.  He wonders if every bar in Baltimore has a chain-smoking blonde waiting to have sex with the first drunk reeking of Jameson on the hood of his car.

I explain in the comments to Duke how Jamie brings out a man’s natural man-musk, which blondes find irresistible.  Case in point, I drank Jamie on my first date with Nita.

Activities on the hood of my car are not open to discussion.

And are generally illegal in Hamilton County, where sex is strictly for procreation.

[Pause for hysterical laughter.]

One thought on “The Wire Gets A New Fan

  1. It’s not the Jameson causing the sex, it’s the guy drinking it.
    Most times it just makes people smell drunk.

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