MTM Cincinnati: Krohn Conservatory – Christmas Edition

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This past Friday was date day for me and Nita.  She had to burn off her last vacation day, and I had the time off coming, so we took in Cincinnati’s Krohn Conservatory.


This being the holidays, we’d hoped to take in the Conservatory’s Christmas display.  No, it wasn’t the tree you see above.

What I’ve never been able to figure out is the name of the place.  Not Krohn.  I assume there was a Mr. or Mrs. Krohn who made a sizable donation to put an arboretum in Eden Park at some point.  What confuses me is the name “Conservatory.”  In other cities, a conservatory is a place where music is studied or performed.  Here, it’s the city’s arboretum.  Nita, who’s lived in Cincinnati since she was in middle school, had no idea why they called it Krohn Conservatory instead of Krohn Arboretum.  Maybe someone will enlighten me.

As I said, though, we came for the holiday display, but explored the entire conservatory.  I hadn’t been there in almost ten years, the last time being part of the Arts in the Park Festival held every summer.  (Hmm…  Future MTM column.)

So first we took in the regular displays themselves, like the indoor waterfall.


And the orchids…


And what better to look at less than a week before Christmas than a room full of cactii bigger than a tree?


But this being the holiday season, we came to see the Christmas displays, including…




…model trains, though not as elaborate as Duke Energy’s…


…and, of course, the live Nativity Scene, featuring real livestock, such as…



The Krohn Conservatory is located in Cincinnati’s Eden Park, which is also home to a large skating pond, a magnificent view of the Ohio River and Northern Kentucky, Playhouse in the Park, and an amphitheater where acts such as Janis Joplin and Jefferson Airplane once dropped in for impromptu sets.  It’s also home to the Cincinnati Art Museum, where Nita and I spent an unplanned hour wandering after our tour of Krohn.


And here is Eden Park’s oldest landmark, The Old Watertower, which overlooks Krohn.


Afterward, Nita and I went to nearby Mt. Adams, which I’ll do a couple of MTM posts about in the near future.  Mt. Adams is a huge hill overlooking downtown Cincinnati that reminds me quite a bit of San Francisco in layout, architecture, atmosphere, and politics.  We had a terrific lunch at Tavern on the Hill, and then I showed Nita my favorite coffee place in the entire city – Koka.

One thing I found unsettling, but should not be surprising when you live on the border between the northern temperate zone and the southern subtropical zone.  As we drove past Koka on St. Gregory St., we saw two women sitting out in front at a table having lunch.

A week before Christmas.

In Ohio.

And two days later, I de-iced the back deck for my new tenants at the old Rancho Winter.

Only in Cincinnati.

Check out more photos from our visit to Krohn here.


4 thoughts on “MTM Cincinnati: Krohn Conservatory – Christmas Edition

  1. I almost 100% it’s called an arboretuem if it’s outdoors and a (plant) conservatory if it’s indoors. Also a plant conservatory has a goal of sprouting plants for regrowth elsewhere (therefore needing to be a greenhouse), and should have a seed bank, which would need to be housed in a building. It’s too bad you didn’t find a docent or interpreter who could have explained it, but it gives me the chance to post (my first after discovering you during this election).

  2. Loved the photos! I should get up to the Conservatory – it’s been awhile, and I’ve been promising a daughter a trip to the art museum. And yes, the weather is nuts, one moment in shirt sleeves, the next it is snowing, then so cold your nose freezes off, then warm again. It’s hard to know what is next!

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