An Elegant Solution

For those of you who are against gay marriage, I have a perfect solution for you that will not bother anyone else, even if your state approves gay marriage.

Don’t marry a gay person.

There. Wasn’t that simple? You won’t have to deal with the whole gay marriage question because it will be solely the problem of people it actually affects.

BTW, anti-gay marriage crowd, my ex-wife and I reached this conclusion as our marriage came to an end:

The biggest threat to marriage today is heterosexuals.

Yep. Those damn straight people with sleep with anything of the opposite gender.

Damn you, straight people! Damn you all to hell for threatening marriage!

2 thoughts on “An Elegant Solution

  1. A gay coworker introduced me to her “partner” recently, and I reflected that there’s no way they are married. Because when you’re married, you don’t have a partner – you have a boss.

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