Friday Awards

The Choked Like Mama Cass Award goes to…

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry, who seems to love riding in the back of police cars a little too much.  Henry also will need to report to the Hamilton County Job & Family Services Office to collect his unemployment check, assuming he won’t be moving to Monroe, Ohio anytime soon.

The Cheese With Your Wine Award is a tie!

Chad Johnson, apparently miffed that Chris Henry has stolen the spotlight from him as a Bengals bad boy, wins for his cry-baby retort to Marvin Lewis’s suggestion he not let the door hit him in the ass.

The Chad shares his award with former President Bill Clinton, for his behind-closed-doors temper tantrum over Bill Richardson’s endorsement of Barack Obama.  You know how Jimmy Carter is considered one of the best ex-presidents America ever had?  Bill Clinton is turning out to be one of the worst.  One might say he is the George W. Bush of ex-presidents.  I’ll be happier when George Bush becomes the George Bush of ex-presidents.  He’s already the Warren Harding of his generation.

3 thoughts on “Friday Awards

  1. Clinton, as an ex-President, gets too much leeway on air and print space so if he wants to spew about Richardson everyday, he can do it. Too me, he just looks bad, but it might have a real impact on some people. First the Clinton said, BR’s support had no meaning once Texas was over, so why attack him every day? Is it a warning to others (like Edwards) to be quiet.

  2. One good thing I can say about Clinton is this…….he loves the environment so much he recycles. Take his cigars for an example – not only does he use them for dildoes, he also recycles them and smokes them. That cuts down on the plastic being dumped into the land fills. Thanks Bill!

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