Somehow, I’ve managed to drag Nick Kepler out of retirement in time for the 10th Anniversary Issue of The Thrilling Detective Web Site. Nick’s latest adventure has him chasing a degenerate gambler all over the Midwest only to corner him on one of Indiana’s Ohio River casino boats.

Also this issue, new fiction from the hypergraphic Stephen D Rogers, the hypernoirish Robert Petyo, and the just plain hyper Paul Guyot. Also on tap are excerpts from the latest efforts by Eric Lerner and John Shannon, with more to come from Sandra Seamans and Finland’s Tappe Bagge.

And if that weren’t enough, TD perpetrator Kevin Burton Smith gives thanks and praise to all those who helped him, including Blue Murder founder David Firks.

So get over to Thrilling Detective and prepare to be thrilled.

3 thoughts on “Thrilling!

  1. Yeah! I thought Kepler was gone for good. I’ll truck on over to TTD and check it out.

    Sure, I’ll probably hate it. But I’ll check it out.

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