Pre-Emptive Confession

Along the same lines as Gov. David Paterson admitting to pretty much everything virtually every politician under the age of sixty cannot deny without getting laughed at, I am going to confess a few things here.

  • I have used bad words.
  • I have had pre-marital sex.
  • I have had post-marital sex.
  • I have not smoked marijuana.  Yet.
  • I have taken office supplies from various employers, including BigHugeCo.
  • I have surfed the web on company time.
  • I have sat in the breakroom at CompUSA when I was supposed to be working and watched the Cartoon Network.  (Wait a minute.  That’s bragging.  Just add this one to the CompUSSR post from a couple months ago.)
  • I once gave Revenge of the Sith a glowing review.  (That’s one of those times I probably should have lied about the marijuana.)
  • I ate paste in the second grade.

And those are my deep dark secrets.  Not all my secrets.  I have more.  But the remaining ones are either deep or dark, but not both.  Some are neither deep nor dark.  And all of them are none of your business.

And some of those you’ll thank me for keeping secret.


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