Band of the 2000′s?

As we close in on the final year of the decade, one burning question remains.

No, not how much longer before we’re rid of George Bush.

Who is the band of this decade.  What band defined the decade more than any other?

After the jump, we take a look at what bands came before, starting with the dawn of rock and roll.

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No, Mr. Scalzi, I Expect You To Dye!

In response to John Scalzi‘s missive about Duran Duran, yes, it is okay to like Duran Duran.


But it is never okay to like the movie this was based on.


Nope. No exceptions. And that goes for The Man With the Golden Gun and Moonraker, too.

Dean, just to cleanse your palate, here’s the Stones doing “Sympathy for the Devil.”